Welcome to Great Lakes Ammunition! We specialize in our own line of factory new, remanufactured, and custom pistol and rifle ammunition. We are expanding our operation over the next several months. Dealer inquires should be directed to stracy@greatlakesammo.com or call 248-921-0802.

All of our ammunition is manufactured on commercial processing and loading machines using only top quality, premium components.  

In-store pickup available! Our address is 48155 West Rd, Suite 4, Wixom, MI. Please select "Will Call" for shipping and call (248) - 756-7201 to arrange pickup.


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Featured Items:

9mm 115 gr. RN CMJ 1000 rounds

9mm 115 gr. RN CMJ 1100fps velocity. 20 boxes of 50.

$175.00 9115ZB10 Quantity:
40 S&W 180 gr. CMJ 1000 Rounds

40 S&W 180 gr. CMJ 20 boxes of 50.

$200.00 4108Z10 Quantity:
45 ACP 230 gr. RN CMJ 1000 Rounds

45 ACP 230 gr. RN CMJ 20 Boxes of 50.

$280.00 4230100Z Quantity:


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